Airports across America get water tap at cost of $1,000 each

It’s hard to imagine a better use of a water system than at a airport.

But with airport water taps at a mere $1 each, many travelers have turned to cheaper alternatives.

Airports in California, Florida, Texas and New York are among the worst affected.

According to a report by The Washington Post, airports in California are spending $1 million per day to replace their aging systems.

The report said the cost of replacing a water main at the Los Angeles International Airport is $2,400 per day, which translates to a cost of just over $1 per day.

The cost of a replacement is also roughly double the amount that a replacement costs at a major international airport, according to the report.

Some airports in New York City, Miami and San Francisco have begun installing water lines to connect to the water system at their airports.

But there is still no water system in the United States, according the report, which cited a report from the American Water Works Association that said only four states had water systems in place for their airports, and none of those states had installed new water systems for years.

In California, the cost per day for a water service at the airport is about $4,400.

But even with the expensive upgrades, airport water is still just as cheap as it is at home.

A water meter is $10 and is located in a restroom.

Water taps are $4 and can be found in a bathroom.

Airport water meters can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per day depending on where you are.

Water at airports is often delivered at the end of a long line of taps.

And the water is often treated in the same way as other tap water.