Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan to introduce fluoride in drinking water

The provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have announced plans to introduce new fluoridation measures in drinking-water systems.

Fluoridation measures are voluntary measures that are implemented to reduce dental caries.

Folks are encouraged to get their hands on a fluoridated water filter, or use a water filter with a filter that contains fluoride.

The measures will be introduced at tap water supplies and water treatment plants.

Fountain water, including fluoridated, treated, and filtered, is considered safe to drink and use.

Foggy taps are considered unsafe, and will not be covered by the government’s new health plan.

Municipalities have been taking steps to reduce the amount of fluoride in the water.

The Alberta government says the measures are expected to cover all municipal water supplies by 2022.

The provinces said they are in the process of determining the best way to proceed.

They said they will meet with community representatives and health experts to discuss the plan.