Aquafina to replace water taps in homes as well as public bathrooms as part of water conservation initiative

Aquafinas water taps will be replaced in some homes and public bathrooms and replaced with a new type of water hose tape, the company said.

The change in taps is part of the company’s water conservation program, which aims to reduce water consumption by 40 per cent in some areas and to cut water consumption in other parts of the country by a further 60 per cent by 2020.

Water and waste collection are two of the main water conservation strategies that Aquafinas, a subsidiary of Italian company Giochi, has been trying to implement in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

The company has been working on its program in Brazil since 2012, when it introduced a water filter at its Sao Paulo headquarters.

The tap water has been tested and is being tested in other areas.

The program will also be implemented in areas where there are no tap water available, the report said.

“The tap-water tap has become a necessity for many in Brazil,” the company wrote in its report.

“We have to make it happen and in order to do so, we will have to use a new technology, which is the tap water.”

The company said that a new water filter will be installed at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro in the next few months.

“We will be installing the new filter in some of our water facilities in Rio,” Aquafini said.