California taps $3.6B to help address water quality crisis

California’s taps are at record levels and have a problem.

But with water quality worsening, it could take decades for California to tap out of a $3 billion backlog of water quality problems.

In the meantime, California has tapped $3,670,000 to help fix its water infrastructure, which includes the city of Los Angeles, its water distribution system, the California Aqueduct and its two reservoirs.

The state is also sending $2.6 billion to pay for other critical water systems and infrastructure improvements.

The state has a long way to go, and it’s taking a serious toll on its economy, the state’s economy chief, Mike McCready, told a House panel on Tuesday.

I think the California economy is already at an all-time low, he said.

And I don’t think the economy is going to recover.

Water is a critical commodity for California.

It’s used for irrigation and agricultural purposes.

Water is a very important part of our economy.

But it’s also important for us to have clean water.

Water is also a vital part of California’s economy.

If water is not available, the water that comes from the aqueduct is used for our farms, our irrigation.

Water that comes out of our irrigation is used in irrigation, too.

Our agriculture is dependent on water.

Our water use is a major factor in our economic growth.

We have to continue to invest in the water infrastructure that we have in place to make sure that we’re not using that water to our detriment.

We’ve invested a lot in water infrastructure in California.

We’ve made great strides in water quality.

We have to invest further to make it safe and effective.

The water that we use is not just used for irrigating the crops.

It also is used by the agricultural industries in the state.

It is a big component of the economy of the state, he added.

McCready said the state had to take a number of steps to help solve the water quality problem.

For instance, he recommended an investment in groundwater treatment, which is a way of preventing pollution from leaking into groundwater, and a new program to treat the groundwater before it is used.

We need to do more to prevent leaks from our water treatment plants.

We also need to make more efficient water treatment.

There are some things we can do to improve the water system, like installing pumps, installing a system that is better at capturing and holding pollutants, and investing in water conservation technologies.

He also recommended that the state begin a public-private partnership to improve water quality in the Sacramento area, and said it was also considering a water pollution pilot project in Oakland.