German officials push to stop bottled water from going to Syrian refugees

German officials are pushing to halt the distribution of bottled water to Syrian refugee camps, which would allow the flow of the water to be diverted to the country.

On Sunday, the Federal Ministry for Environmental Protection (BfV) announced the move as part of an effort to prevent the use of contaminated water.

The decision follows a recent outbreak of salmonella in Berlin.

On January 5, the city of Hamburg became the first German city to ban the distribution or sale of the product.

Hamburg officials have also launched an investigation into the possibility that contaminated water could have been used in a hotel during the coronavirus outbreak.

The government has already banned the distribution and sale of water to the refugee camps in Germany.

As of December 31, Germany is distributing 1.1 billion liters of water annually to the refugees in camps in Turkey and Jordan, according to BfV data.