How to avoid mosquito bites and Zika virus outbreaks in Georgia

The mosquito-borne virus outbreak in Georgia has killed three people and infected more than 300, and a third of Georgia residents are now in the middle of a quarantine period because of the virus.

But residents have been told to drink tap water from the tap as well as bottled water, according to state officials.

The state health department issued an alert Wednesday warning residents to avoid tap water as well, saying the virus is spreading and more people are getting sick.

Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal (R) also urged people to avoid drinking tap water at all times.

“The only thing that we know is that water is the enemy of mosquitoes,” Deal said.

“If you are not drinking water, you are at risk.”

Deal also said people should wash their hands after touching surfaces and to use insect repellent or disinfectant before touching or handling surfaces.

As of Wednesday, Georgia has reported 1,732 confirmed cases of Zika, the first confirmed case in the country.

About 8,800 people have been infected and 4,700 have tested positive for the virus, according the Georgia Department of Health.