How to prevent the infection in your tap water

By the time it is finished washing, you will be infected with tap water infection.

Even though there is no evidence of transmission, tap water can cause an infection if you drink it, use it or touch it.

The virus can spread from one person to another if the person is exposed to water contaminated with it.

There are no vaccines or treatment options.

The only way to stop tap water infections is to clean your taps regularly and use hand sanitizer.

Here are some tips to prevent waterborne infections from your taps.1.

Use hand sanitizing wipes and sanitizers.

Wash your hands with a hand sanitized sanitizing wipes and wipe.

Keep your hand clean and wash your hands after touching your tap.2.

Use a sanitary pad or towel.

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly with soap and water.3.

Use disposable paper towels.

Use your towel and wipe to clean hands and surfaces before you use them.4.

Wash all your surfaces with soap, water and a mild detergent.

If you use a water-based detergent, use 1 tablespoon to 1 tablespoon of dish soap, 1 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of mild detergents and 1 teaspoon water.5.

Wash with hot water.

Use soap and warm water and wipe your hands well.6.

Use water-resistant wipes and wipes to clean and disinfect your tap and sink.7.

Wash before you open the door.

Use clean water, wipe your hand and clean the inside of your sink and shower.8.

Wash hands thoroughly when using dishwashing machines.

Use dishwashing detergants and warm soapy water to disinfect and wash hands before using the machines.9.

Use the dishwasher.

Use warm soap and warm and dishwashing soap to disinfect your hands.10.

Use disinfectant soap to wash your dishes and wash and dry dishes in a hot water bath.11.

Wash windows and doors with dishwashing liquid or dishwashing pads.

Use mild detergers and warm hot water to wash and disinfect windows and door surfaces.