How to protect yourself against tap water taps in Turkey

Turkish taps are becoming a major concern among travelers as the country’s water quality continues to worsen.

But how do you protect yourself from water that’s being intentionally poisoned by a tap in Turkey?

A tap in the capital of Ankara is known to have been leaking tap water.

The leak could be caused by corrosion in the tap or by an attack by microbes.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has called for a crackdown on those responsible.

The tap has been leaking for several months now, causing the city to experience frequent droughts, according to the Turkish government.

It’s a situation that’s become a major headache for the city and its residents.

A few days ago, a woman was forced to use a toilet outside of the city center due to the tap’s leak.

She suffered from diarrhea and other illnesses.

The local media reported that the water in the city has turned to brown, a condition that makes the water taste sour.

The water that was leaked has contaminated nearby wells and has created a sewage spill that has contaminated the city’s water supply.

The city has also been suffering from a high number of bacteria, as well as some parasites.

According to local news outlet Hurriyet, more than 2,000 cases of bacterial meningitis and 1,500 cases of intestinal worms have been reported in the past few weeks.

Turks are also suffering from water pollution from untreated sewage.

The government is now working to clean up the polluted water, but that has not been easy.

The Turkish government is planning to install more than 4,000 taps, as the city desperately needs more water.

A recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Water and Sanitation found that the country has about 6,000 tap systems, with an average of 7,500 taps.

The government also plans to expand the number of taps from 50,000 to 200,000 by 2021.

The new taps will provide clean water to people living in cities like Istanbul and Ankara, but the tap systems will only last for a few months.

The problem is especially worrying in Ankara, where residents are now worried that the tap will eventually leak out.

Turkey is home to about 4.3 million people and the government has said it will build more than 10 million new taps by 2021 to meet the growing population.