How to protect yourself from water contamination in New York

Water contamination in your home, workplace, or a restaurant can be caused by a variety of sources, including viruses, bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals, experts say.

Here are 10 ways to protect your home and work environment.


Get regular cleanings and disinfection of the plumbing and electrical equipment that you use.

In the United States, approximately 80 percent of homes have at least one plumbing problem and many of those problems are caused by the chemicals and solvents used to clean them.

If your home or workplace has any sort of water-related plumbing problems, you should regularly check the pipes for contaminants and replace any that need fixing.


Avoid using tap water that is already tainted.

If you drink water from a well or tap that is not disinfected, make sure you disinfect the water before you drink it.

This could help reduce the amount of contaminants that can be in the water.


Make sure you get at least a two-hour shower after you bathe, and if you shower frequently, take a few minutes to bathe in the tub or shower head, and make sure the water stays clear of dirt and debris.


Make a daily water change.

If the water in your house or workplace is too cloudy, make a water change every three to five hours.

If it’s too clear, use a filter that has been tested to make sure that it doesn’t contain contaminants.


Use hand sanitizers with the exception of those that are tested to be safe for drinking water.

These products include soap, detergent, bleach, chlorine, or any other disinfectant that is designed to remove harmful substances.


If water in the tap system has been contaminated with a disinfectant, use soap or detergent that contains chlorine.

These disinfectants can be used with water that’s already been filtered, disinfected or treated.


Use a water filter if you regularly bathe.

If possible, use one with a filter to filter the water, so you don’t have to clean up after yourself.


Use bleach or other disinfectants with a chlorine source.

Bleach is an inexpensive, widely available disinfectant.

It can be found in many grocery and health food stores.

You can buy bleach or chlorine bleach solutions for your water systems from any pharmacy, or you can use household bleach or bleach solution in your homes.


Use water filtration systems.

Some cities require water filtrators that include filters to help prevent contamination of water systems.

You may also want to consider using a filtrated system in your workplace.


Take a shower every day, even if it’s cloudy or not clear.

If there’s any doubt, use an antiperspirant shower head or a chlorine shower head.

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