How to use the Flexible Water Tap

The Cleveland Browns have made it easy to get more out of their tap water.

The team announced on Tuesday that fans can use their taps to charge smartphones, computers and more for $7.99 per month.

The $7-per-month plan will come as a welcome change for Cleveland fans.

Many have complained that the team doesn’t offer enough power to power their smartphones or other devices.

In addition, they have been frustrated by long lines of fans waiting to use their water.

In recent years, the team has tried to improve the process for customers.

The Cleveland Water Bureau and Cleveland Public Works started using water meters to track usage and supply power to fans.

But, the meters can be unreliable.

The Browns say they have a “smart contract” system in place that will help them meet water demand.

Fans can now sign up for the service, which is free, and will get their water meter read and connected to the team’s water network.

The Browns are working to make sure the service is reliable, so fans can continue to make their own water.

But fans are not the only ones making use of the service.

Other sports teams are using the Flexibility program.

Some NBA teams are charging fans for using their tap and are even using the new water meter to provide fans with power.

The Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs are among the teams that have launched the program.

The NBA has a partnership with Smart Water.

It offers water meters that customers can use to charge phones, laptops, tablets and other devices for free.

The NBA is partnering with SmartWater to offer a new service to fans that lets them charge their smartphones, tablets, tablets for free after paying $7 per month for the Flex, which was launched earlier this year.

The new Smart Water app can be downloaded on the iPhone and Android.

The partnership with the NBA has sparked interest from sports fans who are willing to pay more for water.

Some fans have also tried charging their phones on the team bus or in the parking lot.

They say it’s more convenient to charge their devices than using the water meters.

“It’s easier to charge a phone when it’s not raining,” said Brandon Karp, a sports fan from Philadelphia.

“It’s less of a hassle.

It’s also easier to use a tablet when you have it in your hand.”