‘I’ll Never Leave’ star John Lithgow reveals why he doesn’t like the name ‘The Doctor’

In this exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, John Lithogriff reveals why the name “Doctor” is so “offensive.”

He says he doesn.

The actor is one of the most prolific science fiction and fantasy actors in history.

He’s also a prolific voice actor and a popular voice of Doctor Who, appearing in six seasons of the sci-fi classic.

And this summer, he will finally get the chance to be on the show.

Lithogriffs’ appearance in “The Doctor” will be the first time the actor has ever appeared on the series since 2013, when he played the first Doctor.

And, according to Lithogw, the reason he isn’t “the Doctor” is because he doesn?t want people to be able to say, “I know you are.”

He tells EW that while it might seem obvious to him, the character of “The TARDIS” has been created to be a “perfect human being.”

Lithgow, who is currently in pre-production on a new movie, tells EW, “The concept is the same.

You?re just a human being.

But it?s been built around a human condition, and I?m a person.

So, it?ll be an odd thing to hear that you?re not the Doctor.”

But when he was asked why he isn?t the Doctor, he said, “Well, I?ve had a bit of a change in my life, and the reason I am not the character is because I have become a bit less human in a way.

I am a bit more open-minded.

And I feel like I?re more aware of things that are happening in the world.

And that?s something that the Doctor never did.”LITHOGRIFTS’ VIEW ON THE NEWSPAPER TITLE ‘THE DOCTOR’ ‘I WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW’The actor, who has been a regular on the BBC sci-fiest show since 2009, says he?s “not a fan” of the name, because it doesn?

t reflect who he is as a person: “It?s a little bit too easy for people to just go and say, ‘I know the Doctor.

I know all his stories and I know his backstory.

I can tell you how he died.’

That?s not who I am.

And it?d be pretty funny if I was the Doctor…but I don?t feel like that is my persona.

I don’t feel that way at all.”

In addition to being a Doctor, Lithogger?s also been a guest star on the Sci-Fi Channel?s TV shows “Doctor Who” and “Doctor Strange?” and a voice actor on the popular children’s animated series “Dora the Explorer.”

He?s recently had a starring role in the new Disney film “Frozen,” as well as playing the lead role in Disney’s animated film “Muppets Most Wanted.”

Lethogrifts has also appeared in the Broadway musical “The Night Manager,” and will next be seen in the film “The Lego Movie” which opens in theaters on Feb. 10.

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