‘I’m a big believer’: How the Warriors’ success and their faith in Jesus changed my life

When he was a kid, he says, he loved the Warriors and his dad, a Christian, taught him about the gospel. “

They’re still a little bit of a distance away from that.”

When he was a kid, he says, he loved the Warriors and his dad, a Christian, taught him about the gospel.

He said: “I still feel the same way.”

The relationship between the Warriors, who are owned by The Coca-Cola Company, and the local congregation was one of the reasons the team’s first win was so special, said Tim Paine, who runs a sports marketing company.

“He’s just the perfect man for the job,” said Paine.

But Paine’s belief in Jesus has always been a driving force for him.

He grew up a Christian in rural West Virginia, where he was raised by his grandmother and spent most of his childhood.

He also attended Bible studies and attended a Christian high school.

Paine says he has been influenced by his father.

The first time I saw the Warriors play, I was like, ‘I can’t believe they’re winning, how do they do that?’

He said I was wrong.

“We’re blessed to have those relationships, to be, you know, open to each other.”

The team is just the best team in the league.

And if they don’t get it right, it’s really frustrating.

I know it was the same when I was growing up.

In the Bible, Jesus says, ‘Let the best man take over the job.’

“So if they’re not working hard enough, they’re going to fail.

And I know that’s true.

It’s a tough job, but the Warriors are the best.

I’ve never met a better person to lead the team than Steph Curry.”

“I think he has the gift of leadership,” said Mike Miller, a retired pastor who works at the Baptist church where Paine has his home in the city of Lawrence.

Miller said Curry and the Warriors have been his family for years.

“He is the kind of leader we all need to have in our lives,” he said.

They were the ones who took the first step for me to grow up to be the person I am today.

I was raised in the Bible Belt, and Steph was the one who inspired me to follow the Bible.

A former teammate of Curry’s said: ”I think Steph is a very good basketball player, he’s a very intelligent basketball player.

When you get that experience, you learn from it.

He’s just a great person, and I’m blessed to play with him.

“He also is a father to three children, including a daughter who was born in June, who is now 9.

His daughter, who will be entering high school in the fall, said she hopes to play college basketball.

During a recent trip to Kansas City, where Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors, Paine met with a number of basketball players, including former Kansas Jayhawks point guard Jaylen Brown, who now plays for Duke.

Paine said Brown is now working with a youth development center in Wichita, Kan., and is helping students and young adults in the area get an education.

Brown was also invited to visit the Curry home.

He told Paine that the two have had conversations about playing together and shared their feelings about their relationship.

‘I have faith in God, but we don’t talk about it much’The relationship that the Warriors built with the local community, and their belief in God as the main source of inspiration and purpose for their success, is a key reason the team has been able to remain relevant for so long, said Scott Strasser, a former NBA player and now the pastor of the Holy Spirit Church in Lawrence.

Powell said the team is also working with its pastors to educate people about the Bible and Christianity.”

They’re all very open about it,” he added.

We’re not afraid to speak out about our beliefs and how we see the world, but I don’t think that’s the case with other sports franchises.

They don’t want to talk about what their faith is.”

But the Warriors won’t be the only team with a connection to the Bible in the near future.

This year, the Warriors will host the first-ever Christian All-Star game in a new arena in Kansas City.

It is expected to draw about 500,000 fans to Oracle Arena, a stadium that was originally built as the home of the Kansas City Chiefs.

And just last month, the NBA announced that it will sponsor the Christian All, the first time it has ever done so.

There are no plans for a return to the NBA for Curry.

But Strasser said he believes the Warriors would benefit from the chance to have someone who shares their beliefs in the arena.”I don