Jal water is on tap again, but the water isn’t flowing through the taps

Jal water taps are still being used in many parts of the state, and they’re still being tested.

However, the taps are now being used to provide water to some people who have access to drinking water.

The taps are being used as a back-up for people who can’t get tap water or who can only get water from a local well.

If you have access or have an existing water source, you can still tap in and get your water, but you’ll be asked to fill out an application form to verify your address and the location of your water source.

Here’s how it works: First, a water source needs to be approved by the local authority.

This usually involves a local authority having a specific plan for water delivery to people in the area.

The person then needs to fill a water utility application form with a local water authority.

The local authority then signs the application and sends the form to a company that taps into a local tap.

The company then provides the tap to a person who needs to use it.

After a few days, the company has the water source to hand and they can begin using it.

However it will not be the source of drinking water for those who live outside of Jal.

You can also use the taps for non-drinking water, if you have an established water source in the local area.

This is because the company will only use the water to supply drinking water to the person that is drinking it.

The water will be treated to remove bacteria and other contaminants.

The process is similar to using a back up for a backup, where you have a water supply in case you have to stop drinking it or your tap breaks.

Jal water tap taps are not being used more widely, though.

They are not used at all in most areas of the country.

What this means is that people in Jal can still use water taps to access water, though Jal’s tap water is not being distributed to anyone.

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