Montreal’s tap water is ‘no good’ for drinking

A water purification company is offering customers in Montreal the chance to use hot water taps instead of taps to flush their hands with tap water.

Mikos taps water has been contaminated with E. coli, but the company says that while tap water can still disinfect hands, its no good for drinking.

It says it has tested the water and found that the bacteria is still present.

It’s not clear how much of the bacteria was on the tap water at the time, but it was found in the first samples of water tested.

According to Mikos, the water was not used to disinfect the hands but instead to flush the hands and then used for cleaning purposes.

In a statement, the company said: ‘The bacteria found in tap water has no effect on human health.

The bacteria has been removed by the tap and has been replaced with disinfectant chemicals.’

Mikas customers have a choice of a hot water or a water purifying tap.’

The tap water will be disinfected for drinking and will be available at any Mikos tap.’

The water company added that customers can also use the hot water as a toilet, wash their hands or bathe in it.

However, customers who want to disinfect their hands will need to pay a fee.