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  • The best tap water GIFs from the past decade

    Now Playing: The most ridiculous tap water memes of the last decadeNow Playing: A look back at the best tap-water memes of all timeNow Playing “Don’t tell me it’s just because of the weather: Tap water is hotter and more dangerous”Now Playing Why it’s important to wash your hands before eating tap waterNow Playing ‘The […]

  • Barbados Tap Water Database is Now More Than 100 Million Records

    The world’s biggest database of water quality data and data for drinking water is now more than 100 million records, according to the World Health Organization.The World Health Organisation says the data was created by a collaboration between WHO and the University of Barbadas, which is the country’s biggest drinking water provider.WHO’s Dr. Margaret Chan […]

  • How to Use Tap Water for Dental Care

    Tap water for dental care has become one of the hottest topics of conversation in Miami, with people asking how to treat it.As you might expect, the answer depends on the type of water.Dental water can be boiled, cooled and poured in a pan to get rid of watery deposits that can clog the cavities.In […]

  • What to expect at the water tap in the new Los Angeles Times

    “There’s a feeling of urgency,” Mr. Brown said.“You’re trying to keep the water from being too cold, too hot.You’re trying not to overfill the system.You need to keep it clean.”The water supply is part of a larger effort to improve public health in Los Angeles.A pilot program that provides bottled water and a free hot […]

  • Which is the best water adapter for your iPhone?

    If you are a user of an iPhone or iPad with a water-tap adapter that can be used with the Apple TV or Apple TV remote control, you can now download the software to get the best compatibility possible with those devices.This comes courtesy of developer, @thesweetthedead , who has released a free app that […]

  • How much water do you need to drink in a bottle of tap water?

    Tap water is made up of three different types of minerals, which are separated into different concentrations and filtered.The higher the concentration, the more water is needed to drink.The concentration of a mineral is the amount of water that a certain amount of that mineral is.In this case, it’s about 10 per cent of the […]

  • Why the world’s biggest citrus harvest could be in jeopardy

    An international effort to grow the world, and in particular the world of citrus, has failed to produce enough crops.It’s one of many problems that the world has faced in the past few years.And it could be worse.A lot worse.This is part of a special report from The Washington Post, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative news […]

  • How to protect yourself against tap water taps in Turkey

    Turkish taps are becoming a major concern among travelers as the country’s water quality continues to worsen.But how do you protect yourself from water that’s being intentionally poisoned by a tap in Turkey?A tap in the capital of Ankara is known to have been leaking tap water.The leak could be caused by corrosion in the […]

  • What is water?

    The American Health Care Act would slash $500 billion from Medicaid by 2026 and shift the nation’s most vulnerable people to private insurance.But it’s also one of the biggest winners of the Senate’s massive health care reform bill.Here’s what we know about the bill.1 / 10 The American Medical Association is a non-partisan, nonprofit association […]

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