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  • Why do you hate water in Italy?

    Posted September 23, 2018 09:04:00Water in Italy is generally considered to be a great resource, with the country boasting the highest per capita consumption of freshwater in Europe.And that’s because the region’s vast landscape offers a unique environment to grow and harvest water crops, allowing for a variety of productive and sustainable water use patterns.Here […]

  • Water taps designed to suck up the atmosphere

    A company in Dublin has designed tap water for use by the homeless, the elderly and people with asthma.It is designed to work in tandem with the existing water taps on the premises, which have a gravity pump and a vacuum that sucks in water from the tap.The tap water comes with an electric nozzle […]

  • How to use water in a barbados bar, says mayor

    Barbados city council is mulling a proposal to ban people from bringing bottled water and other bottled products into bars in order to reduce pollution.The move comes as authorities in the Caribbean city prepare for a record-breaking rainfall that will likely leave a toxic legacy.The city has set up a hotline for people to report […]

  • How much water should I drink per day?

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  • How to protect yourself from water contamination in New York

    Water contamination in your home, workplace, or a restaurant can be caused by a variety of sources, including viruses, bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals, experts say.Here are 10 ways to protect your home and work environment.1.Get regular cleanings and disinfection of the plumbing and electrical equipment that you use.In the United States, approximately 80 percent […]

  • Bitcoin Mining Company announces partnership with Coca-Cola

    Bitcoin mining company, Taipan, announced today it has entered into a partnership with the beverage giant to build and launch a new blockchain platform that will allow consumers to mine Bitcoin.Taipan and Coca-Colas are developing a new Blockchain Platform that will enable Bitcoin mining on Taipans platform, which is designed to be an open source […]

  • When does tap water need to be sealed?

    As it turns out, tap water can be kept at a safe temperature and sealed when there is no other way to get it.The water can then be safely stored in a cool, dry place.Watertight containers can be used in case the temperature drops.Watertight containers, like those made from paper towels, can also be used […]

  • How Alabama taps water in a drought

    Barbados is bracing for an unusually cold and wet winter, with tap water in many homes having been turned off and some wells not working.The state’s governor said he will issue emergency orders Friday to shut down state water systems and to suspend drinking water for at least 30 days to prevent water shortages.He also […]

  • The biggest water problem facing the Irish Republic

    Water is running short in Ireland, as farmers and city dwellers struggle to get enough to drink.The Irish Water Authority says it has lost around 10 per cent of its supply over the last two years, and that more than 30,000 people have had to boil water in the last five days.As well as the […]

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