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  • How to make a water tap out of an old, unused water pipe

    How to Make a Water Tap Out of an Old, Unused Water Pipe How to Build a Water Tank Out of a Water Pipe and MoreWater Tanks are a must-have accessory for any water filtration system, because they allow you to easily dispose of excess water that’s not being used.They’re great for cleaning up spills […]

  • How to prevent water damage caused by tap water

    New Scientist has a video explaining how to use tap water for the first time.Watch below: Tap water has a unique way of making water behave like a gel, making it seem more like an electrolyte than water.This has led to the phenomenon of tap water robo-popsicle.The new tap water Roblox app has been available […]

  • Why is the tap water in Albury a little bit different?

    Albury tap water, in the state’s north-west, is a little less warm than the rest of the state.The warmer water is usually used for irrigation, but this year’s tap water was found to contain more nitrates than normal, which can cause water to become cloudy and lead to cloudy water in some cases.Advertisement

  • Why the city of Nashville has become the largest tap water bottler

    NEW YORK — The biggest city in the U.S. is now the biggest market for tap water in the country, according to data released Thursday.The Los Angeles-based company Waterfront Research Group says it has pegged Nashville to become the second-largest market in the nation for bottled water, which it estimates will account for 25 percent […]

  • How to avoid mosquito bites and Zika virus outbreaks in Georgia

    The mosquito-borne virus outbreak in Georgia has killed three people and infected more than 300, and a third of Georgia residents are now in the middle of a quarantine period because of the virus.But residents have been told to drink tap water from the tap as well as bottled water, according to state officials.The state […]

  • A look at the history of water in Australia

    Updated February 08, 2018 08:18:13 A look back at some of the major water developments in Australia.RTE News reporter James McLean looks back at the construction of the new Aladdin Dam, the first large-scale water project to be completed in Australia, and the water used by the Australian Olympic Committee.Watch more on RTE News: Water […]

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