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  • How to Find the Water Tap in Latvia

    The latvia tap is a latin word meaning tap water.It means water source and the latin name for the tap is tapum latum, which means tap water reservoir.This is a water source that you can get from a well, water system or from a river.Latvia is one of the smallest countries in Europe.The latin term […]

  • Tap water in Jamaica’s capital gets a $6.5M makeover

    JAMAICA — Mallorca’s tap water was the first to be upgraded after Tropical Storm Allison devastated parts of the country.The tap water in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Jeddah, was upgraded from a standard water source to one that uses recycled water and comes with enhanced treatment features, including chlorine and ultraviolet disinfection.The […]

  • India: Water taps need to be visible, but water tapers should be available

    Water tapers can be used in India, where a growing population is using up water more and more quickly.The country’s thirst is so high that many families don’t have access to water, and many people are struggling to get enough water to survive.In addition to the water taper, many families in the capital, Delhi, are […]

  • When water becomes toxic to tap water

    When water turns toxic to your tap water supply, there are many different options available to make your water safe.In this article, we will go over the basic basics of making tap water safe to drink.What is tap water?What is the difference between tap water and bottled water?Most tap water is treated with chemicals and […]

  • How can we trust tap water?

    The question has always been, is it really safe to drink tap water or is it contaminated?That is a very important question.For decades, tap water has been the default water of choice for many Australians, and this has been largely because of the well-established, and increasingly reliable, quality of tap water.But there are significant challenges […]

  • Scott’s tapwater limescape is on sale at $9,500 for the next five years

    Scott’s Tap Water, one of the most iconic brands in the industry, is currently on sale for $9.50 a gallon in select markets, with a few surprises.Scott’s taps are made of water from Lake Washington, which is fed to a reservoir, then pumped into a bottling line that then converts the water to limescales that […]

  • Germany taps tap water for refugees

    A water bottle is seen inside the house of a German man, whose home was flooded in Berlin, Germany, on Sunday, March 21, 2019.A tap water bottle has been placed on a table in the home of the man in the background.REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke German Chancellor Angela Merkel has opened up an emergency room in Berlin […]

  • US EPA announces new restrictions on bottled water

    AUSTIN, Texas — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday that it has temporarily banned bottled water from its shelves after a series of public health studies showed drinking water from tap water could cause cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.The agency said the ban applies to tap water that was produced and bottled before […]

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