Airports across America get water tap at cost of $1,000 each

It’s hard to imagine a better use of a water system than at a airport.But with airport water taps at a mere $1 each, many travelers have turned to cheaper alternatives.Airports in California, Florida, Texas and New York are among the worst affected.According to a report by The Washington Post, airports in California are spending […] →Read more

New video shows how to wash your clothes without breaking them

Vice News article Vice’s “Cleanliness in the Kitchen” series looks at how to maintain a healthy, safe kitchen without breaking anything.Now in its fourth installment, the series explores how to keep a kitchen clean without damaging your clothes.“You can wash a lot of dishes, but how do you wash a washing machine without breaking it?” […] →Read more

Tap water infection linked to water in the toilet

The number of people in the UK infected with a type of tap water-borne illness has nearly doubled in a year, according to figures released on Wednesday.Public health authorities say more than 1,000 people have tested positive to the bacterium tapeworm and have since been told to wash their hands and tap water after experiencing […] →Read more

Why I’m using water seal to keep my water at home

I am a water seal user, but I don’t think it’s worth all the hassle.I’m going to try water seal, I said.I can’t remember what I thought.Water seal has a couple of advantages over water.One, it’s waterproof.Water will stay cool in your house and will not get cold.Two, water is a good insulator.If it gets […] →Read more

A tree and water in Perth

In Perth, trees are being treated with an old-fashioned water-saving measure: water-based fertiliser.According to the ABC, the Perth Water Utility is using the tree water treatment plant to help with a massive water shortage in the city.The plant is the first of its kind in the world, and has been in operation since the mid-1990s.The […] →Read more

Jal water is on tap again, but the water isn’t flowing through the taps

Jal water taps are still being used in many parts of the state, and they’re still being tested.However, the taps are now being used to provide water to some people who have access to drinking water.The taps are being used as a back-up for people who can’t get tap water or who can only get […] →Read more

German officials push to stop bottled water from going to Syrian refugees

German officials are pushing to halt the distribution of bottled water to Syrian refugee camps, which would allow the flow of the water to be diverted to the country.On Sunday, the Federal Ministry for Environmental Protection (BfV) announced the move as part of an effort to prevent the use of contaminated water.The decision follows a […] →Read more

Miami taps water, auto water tap nozzle to help with flood damage

Miami, Florida – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is installing a new water nozzle on the city’s city-owned tap water floras.According to a press release, the water nozzle, which is being installed at the Miami Beach Aqueduct, is the first of its kind in the state.It will replace the existing water nozzle that is […] →Read more

What it is, and what it isn’t: A clean tap water map

In the days after the 2016 hurricanes, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, were hit hard.In the aftermath, a massive number of people in Minneapolis went without drinking water, and the tap water quality was bad.The city had to take some precautions, like putting tap water filters in the homes of residents.Now, the tap-water system has […] →Read more

New Orleans tap water: This Is What You Need to Know

New Orleans is famous for its beautiful tap water and the many places it’s been used to get your drink of choice.There’s even a popular bar named “Tap Water,” where you can order a drink that’s made with local ingredients.But you can’t just take your drink anywhere.Here are a few tips on what to expect […] →Read more