The best tap water GIFs from the past decade

Now Playing: The most ridiculous tap water memes of the last decadeNow Playing: A look back at the best tap-water memes of all timeNow Playing “Don’t tell me it’s just because of the weather: Tap water is hotter and more dangerous”Now Playing Why it’s important to wash your hands before eating tap waterNow Playing ‘The […] →Read more

Wild defenseman Erik Haula’s knee injury is worse than we thought

With his first NHL appearance on Thursday night in Winnipeg, Erik Hulak said he was confident he would be ready for the start of training camp.But after he was carted off in the first period of the Wild’s 2-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Saturday, Hulaks injury became a more serious matter.“I think it […] →Read more

Tulsa, MykonOS tap water to be delivered by 2022

Mykronos, the Russian company that is the world’s largest producer of tap water and has a long-standing relationship with the NHL, is planning to deliver water from its own pipeline, the company said Tuesday.The announcement was made at the company’s annual general meeting, where investors voted for a 7.9% stock buyback program and a 5.3% […] →Read more

Aquafina to replace water taps in homes as well as public bathrooms as part of water conservation initiative

Aquafinas water taps will be replaced in some homes and public bathrooms and replaced with a new type of water hose tape, the company said.The change in taps is part of the company’s water conservation program, which aims to reduce water consumption by 40 per cent in some areas and to cut water consumption in […] →Read more

A new way to drink water: Water tap fountain

We’re starting to see the emergence of water taps in public places, and they’re being used as a way to take water from our tap and put it in our mouths, according to a new report from a group of engineers at a large water utility in California.These taps use a pressure-sensitive polymer to make […] →Read more

A DIY water-purification tool is now on sale at your local home

A DIY hydration device, which removes chlorine, water, and other contaminants from tap water, has been selling for $40 on Amazon.The kit includes a water purification cartridge, a bottle cap, and a hose.The device can remove chlorine, a potent disinfectant, from water, but it doesn’t remove other chemicals.While the device is relatively simple to make, […] →Read more

Drinking water tastes like a bottle of kool-aid

Drinking water can be an addictive treat, but one thing it can’t be is diluted with anything other than water.In fact, it can taste like an empty bottle of Kool-Aid, and the water has no nutritional value at all.Read more about it. →Read more

How to Find the Water Tap in Latvia

The latvia tap is a latin word meaning tap water.It means water source and the latin name for the tap is tapum latum, which means tap water reservoir.This is a water source that you can get from a well, water system or from a river.Latvia is one of the smallest countries in Europe.The latin term […] →Read more

Barbados Tap Water Database is Now More Than 100 Million Records

The world’s biggest database of water quality data and data for drinking water is now more than 100 million records, according to the World Health Organization.The World Health Organisation says the data was created by a collaboration between WHO and the University of Barbadas, which is the country’s biggest drinking water provider.WHO’s Dr. Margaret Chan […] →Read more

Tap water in Jamaica’s capital gets a $6.5M makeover

JAMAICA — Mallorca’s tap water was the first to be upgraded after Tropical Storm Allison devastated parts of the country.The tap water in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Jeddah, was upgraded from a standard water source to one that uses recycled water and comes with enhanced treatment features, including chlorine and ultraviolet disinfection.The […] →Read more