Tap water in Jamaica’s capital gets a $6.5M makeover

JAMAICA — Mallorca’s tap water was the first to be upgraded after Tropical Storm Allison devastated parts of the country.

The tap water in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Jeddah, was upgraded from a standard water source to one that uses recycled water and comes with enhanced treatment features, including chlorine and ultraviolet disinfection.

The upgraded water will be available at several stores in the city and through the Mardi Gras parade.

Water authorities in the Gulf state of Oman, where Mallorca is located, installed a new filter at a water treatment plant in the country’s capital.

A sewage treatment plant was also installed in Jedda, where the city’s main water source is located.

Mandalay’s city council voted to pay for the upgrades in a budget submitted to the state government.

The upgrades include a new filtration system, chlorine disinfection, and enhanced treatment capabilities.

“I was excited to see that the city of Mallorra in Oman is taking this step,” said David Haskett, a spokeswoman for the Mallorrian water authority.

But the MDA says the improvements won’t solve the countrys water woes.

Mandalays water authority said it will spend $6 million to upgrade the citys water supply and that the upgrades will cost $2 million per year, a sum that includes maintenance costs.

The water authority also says it has made more than 1,300 improvements to the city water supply since Allison was hit in December.