Texas taps tap water for free after floods

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas has begun tapping tap water in its cities to save money, with some cities receiving water for just $2 a week for the next two weeks.

Austin and Dallas were among the cities that have been tapped to provide free water in their areas.

The program was announced Wednesday by the state’s Department of Water Resources, which said the goal was to provide water to more than 100,000 people.

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Tapping taps in Austin has already started for about 60 people.

Dallas has been tapped for about 100 people, but its taps were shut down because the city has limited supplies.

AUSTIN’S HOUSING BOARD’S TAKE: Austin has been tapping its tap water to keep people safe from the wildfires and flooding, but the city’s housing board wants to see a bigger share of that tap money.

The board voted Thursday to ask Gov.

Greg Abbott to give more than $8 million to help provide water for about 4,200 people living in Austin’s homeless shelters.

To that end, the board said it would give $5 million to a nonprofit organization that provides water to about 50 homeless people a month.