Trump administration moves to block Trump water lines

The White House has reversed course on a request by the Environmental Protection Agency to block the president’s water system from being routed through a federal reservoir.

The move came just days after the EPA asked the Trump administration for more information on the water supply.

Trump announced last week that he would build a new water pipeline to deliver drinking water to his Florida home.

But EPA spokeswoman Gina McCarthy told the Hill on Thursday that the agency will not be requiring the project to use a federal water reservoir, which is not required under federal law.

In its letter to Trump, the EPA requested more information about the project and “provide a timeline for the implementation of any mitigation plans or other measures to protect public health.”

The EPA, in a statement, said it is “aware of the public interest in obtaining information about these projects.””EPA is not a regulatory agency and will not have a role in issuing any final decisions on the implementation or application of any water projects under this order,” the statement said.

The EPA has been under intense scrutiny from critics who say the president has abused his power by using his public office to advance his personal interests.

The agency is now investigating a lawsuit by several groups claiming that the Trump White House interfered with their access to water during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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