Water taps are leaking, spilling in the city of Houston

Water taps in the Houston suburb of Cypress Park are leaking and spilling, spilling on to sidewalks and on to city streets.

Officials say they’re looking into whether the leak could be caused by human activity or if it could be related to a leak at a nearby sewage plant.

Officials said the water supply is not affected by the leaks.

Officials with the city’s Department of Public Works said Monday that the water is still being monitored.

The city of Cypresses Park has been under a boil water advisory for several days.

Cypress has a population of about 1,500.

Residents can boil water at home without getting a permit, but they can’t do so outdoors.

Officials recommend residents boil their water in a large pot, which can be set at high temperatures.

The Department of Natural Resources is working to fix the leaks, but it’s unclear when they will be repaired.

Houston officials said there was no indication that a natural gas pipeline had been causing the leaks or that the leak was caused by a malfunctioning pipe.

A city spokesman said the leaks occurred because a pipe on the city-owned Cypress Creek sewer system was corroded and needed repair.

The pipe was replaced and a new one was installed last week, but officials said they’re still waiting for repairs.

They’re still trying to determine whether the leaks were caused by natural gas or a malfunction in the pipe, which is in the area of the Cypress Lake and Cypress reservoirs.

Officials are also looking into a possible sewage leak at Cypress City Center, which was built in the 1950s.

The sewer line that carries wastewater from the city to the lake was repaired and the leak has been isolated, said Darryl Brown, a city spokesman.

Officials have said they’ve tested more than 50 people who live in the Cypresses and Cypresses Lake neighborhoods.

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