Water taps designed to suck up the atmosphere

A company in Dublin has designed tap water for use by the homeless, the elderly and people with asthma.

It is designed to work in tandem with the existing water taps on the premises, which have a gravity pump and a vacuum that sucks in water from the tap.

The tap water comes with an electric nozzle which can be used to siphon off the water to a filter or use as a source of clean drinking water.

One of the taps is designed so that it can be attached to a water heater to be used as a water fountain, the company said.

In Dublin, the number of people living below the poverty line is increasing and the tap water has to be available at a certain time of the day to those who are ill.

But the company, WaterTap, said that while the idea was attractive, the cost was high.

“This project is not an expensive proposition for us, as we need to build the system in two months.

But we do not have the financial resources to scale this up in the short term,” the company’s website said.”

It is a good thing to have in place for people to have safe drinking water and a reliable source of drinking water when they need it most.”

The project will involve installing a gravity-powered water heater on the main premises, and then a water filter on the roof.

WaterTap said it had built the device in partnership with a water-purification company in the city.

“Water is one of the few resources we have available for the homeless,” the firm said.

“This system will not only give them a clean, healthy water supply, but it will also enable them to get the water they need when they are sick or in need.”

WaterTap is now looking for funding from a range of organisations to fund the project.