When drinking tap water in NSW, can you drink bottled water?

Posted December 02, 2018 05:04:00 When you need to get a drink of water at home or for a business, tap water is a good option.

Key points:The NSW Department of Primary Industries has made bottled water a requirement for all businesses in the state for the next three yearsA decision is pending on whether tap water should be sold in restaurants and barsWhat you need know about bottled waterA decision on whether to allow bottled water in restaurants, bars and other establishments is pending.

Key points:(ABC News)Bottled water is currently sold in pubs and restaurants.

However, the NSW Department for Primary Industries (DPI) says it’s time for tap water to be sold.

“It’s time to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to sell our bottled water at all our locations,” NSW Primary Industries Commissioner Mick Mulhern said.

“We have to be able to sell that water to the customer in a safe and safe environment.”

He said the water was not meant to be used for drinking and should only be used to wash dishes and boil kettle water.

“What we have done is we have given it a name, it’s called bottled water, it can be used in restaurants for washing dishes and boiling,” he said.

The DPI will take the decision on bottled water on its website.

Dr Mulhern also said tap water was the safest way to buy water.

He said it was not safe for drinking or cooking.

“The amount of bacteria that live in the water, which is what causes the bacteria to grow, is much lower than that of bottled water,” he explained.

“And the taste of tap water, as we know, is pretty bland.”

So you could put it in your mouth and you’d get a good taste of that.


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