When tap water goes up for sale, you’ll have to pay for it

Tap water is becoming a very expensive luxury item in Australia.

And that’s because consumers can expect to pay about $60 more for water per 100 litres than they do for bottled water.

Read moreAt the moment, consumers pay about 12¢ per litre for tap water in Australia, compared to a maximum of 8¢ per 100 litre in the US, according to Water Australia.

It’s likely that this increase will be reflected in the cost of tap water, with the company predicting that it will increase by about $1 per 100litre in Australia over the next five years.

According to WaterAustralia, the average cost of bottled water in the state of Victoria is currently about $2.90 per litres, which is higher than the Australian average of $2, a rate that’s more than 10 times the cost in the United States.

“We believe the price increase will have a significant impact on our business,” a Water Australia spokesperson said.

“It’s going to be significant because we can’t compete with the competition.”

While the water prices have been rising in Australia and other countries, the increase in price of tap is likely to be the biggest driver of this price increase.

A water price hike is expected to push tap water out of reach of many Australians, as consumers are forced to purchase bottled water to avoid paying a hefty price tag.

The company has already warned that consumers could end up paying more for tap in the coming years.

“Tap water is an important product for Australia’s drinking water infrastructure and we anticipate significant price increases in the future,” a spokesperson for Water Australia said.

WaterAustralia has estimated that consumers in Australia will spend $1.2 billion on tap water this year.

The Australian Water Supply Association has warned that the increase will lead to more pollution, less investment in water infrastructure, and higher prices for Australians.