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A report into water quality in Australia’s capital city found a “major deterioration” in water quality between 2014 and 2015.

Water was tested over the course of three months.

Photo: Supplied Water was sampled over the period of three days at the same location where the first tests were conducted.

The report found the water was “extremely clean” in 2015 and the quality had “significantly improved” by February.

It said water quality was “significant” in relation to drinking water, which “appears to be improving rapidly”.

However, the report said “significant levels” of sediment were still present in the drinking water.

“These findings support the view that, at present, there are significant water quality issues that require urgent attention,” the report says.

The water quality report found significant degradation of water quality by February 2016, with water “significant and deteriorating” for three months between January and March.

The city also experienced significant degradation in the amount of water used during the first three months of the year.

The findings also show significant deterioration in water in the city of Hobart.

Water quality in Hobart The report says “significant deterioration” of water was reported between January to March 2016 and water was sampled between January, February and March of this year.


Supplied Hobart experienced significant deterioration of water in its drinking water in March and February.

The Water Quality Assessment report noted that water quality had deteriorated from a high level of “very good” to “very poor” in Hobbs.

The worst water quality “signifigances” were “significant and deteriorating”.

It was not immediately clear how much of this degradation was related to pollution.

The Hobart water quality has been described as “very bad” by the Department of Environment and Water.

It is rated “poor” by Water Quality Australia, and was rated “low” by an independent water quality group.

Hobart is a major centre of Australian water supply.

The state’s Department of Water and Primary Industries has been involved in water monitoring for more than two decades.

The department said water tests had been conducted on about 2,000 homes in Hobsby in the past year, and a further 2,200 homes in the Hobbs area, and Hobbs and surrounding areas.

“Water quality is a complex issue and the Hobart Water Quality Assessments have identified significant deterioration over the past few years,” a spokeswoman said.

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