Which water taps are safe to use in India?

Which water meters are safe for use in Indian cities?

The National Water Resources Authority has issued a notice to all public water companies to register and provide proof of water meter installation and use for the first time.

According to the notice, which was issued on August 30, the requirement to register the water meter has been removed from the National Water Supply Corporation (NNSC) water meters.

The NNSC has been in the process of registering all of its water meters for the past three months, which is a huge step forward for ensuring that no private water meter is installed without the consent of the NNSCA.

However, as many as 2,828 water meters in the country remain unregistered.

There is no clear definition for what constitutes a valid water meter.

The water meters can be any type of water pump or device, including a standard water meter, a digital water meter or a rechargeable water meter that can recharge from time to time.

While the water meters have to be registered with the National Board of Health, the water pump is not.

It is not a requirement for private water meters, according to a senior official from the NSC.

The NNSCE has been trying to ensure that these water meters do not get installed without consulting the government, however, this is a tough task.

The NSC has also asked the public utilities companies (PUPs) to provide the exact amount of water used for the current month for all of their meters.

The average monthly usage is around 15.5 litres of water.

If a private company does not provide the correct amount of electricity or water in the billing process, then a meter can be installed without informing the NNC, according the notice.

The National Water Information and Monitoring Agency (NWIA) has also been asked to submit a list of all meters installed in the past month and ensure that all of them are registered with them, according a senior NNSCC official.

In case a private utility does not register its water meter for a month, it will have to come to the NNNC for approval.

A notification will be sent to the relevant private company and a final decision will be taken on whether the meter is to be installed or not, according.

A senior official said that the NPSC has already sent a notice, as the government had asked the NNSC to register all of the water-meter installations in the last three months.

It is hoped that the move will be done by the end of the month.

The National Board for Drinking Water has also ordered the private companies to take all steps to register their meters, including the details of the electricity used.

As per the notification, a meter is required to register with the NNRDC if it has been installed in a public building or is installed in residential premises.

If it is installed on a private premises, it is not required to be listed in the register.