Which water taps are the most expensive?

The water tap at a home in the Bronx is priced at $2,700, but that is far less expensive than the average price of a home, according to a report from the New York Times.

The Times reported that water taps cost about $1,500 to $1.5 million to build, and most of those cost are for water that comes from wells.

According to the report, the average cost of a water pump is about $350,000.

The average price for a water line in New York City is about a quarter of the average of $5,000 for the same line.

The water line that costs the most in New England is $7,300, according the Times.

The water line for New York State is $5.3 million.

In New York, a home with a water meter costs about $6,000 a year, according a Times article.

The average cost for water in the United States is $1 per acre-foot.