Which water taps should you use when it rains?

Perth, WA (24 June 2016) A Perth water supply has announced it will install water taps on all its taps to protect the city from the effects of heavy rain.

Water Services Association of WA (WSAWA) president Tim O’Connor said in a statement: “The WA Government is committed to working with the public and businesses to develop a water management plan that will protect our water supply and minimise the impact of the wet weather.”

We believe that water is the most effective and environmentally sustainable resource to use when you want to reduce your risk of water pollution, including water consumption and drinking water.

“The WA government is proposing to build a $1 billion wastewater treatment facility in the CBD, with the first phase to be completed by 2020.

Water is used in a number of products, including for drinking and showering, cleaning, cooking and washing.

The WA State Government estimates that water use in Perth’s CBD could be reduced by as much as half if the taps were installed.

The State Government has not yet released the water treatment plan.