Why is the water in Victorias tap water bad?

The water in Victoria’s tap water is the second worst in Australia after Tasmania, according to a new study.

The findings from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) show the water from Victoria’s northern coastal regions is “not only not safe for drinking, but it’s also dangerous for people”.

Victoria’s top 10 drinking water quality rankings: 1.

Yarra Valley, NSW 2.

Kingsfordshire, NSW 3.

Wollongong, Victoria 4.

North-West, Victoria 5.

East Coast, Victoria 6.

East Kimberley, Victoria 7.

West Kimberley and South-East Kimberley-On-the-Sands, Victoria 8.

Eastern Cape, South Africa 9.

North West, South Australia 10.

Wiradjuri, Western Australia In a new report, published on Monday, UNSW’s water quality research team found the water found in Victorians tap water was “not a safe water source for drinking”.

The research team, led by Professor Richard McNeil from the School of Public Health and Environment at UNSW, said drinking water systems were not only not as safe as the water coming from Tasmania and Victoria, they also showed that “the water in many of these drinking water regions is unsafe for drinking as well”.

Dr McNeil said the study showed the water “had poor quality characteristics, and its safety was compromised by a range of poor quality parameters”.

He said water systems in many parts of the state “may have been built poorly, lacked appropriate infrastructure, and were not adequately tested for the water they supply”.

“The water quality in Victoria is a problem and a public health concern, not just in Victoria but in the country as a whole,” he said.

“Many people are not getting their drinking water from a water system in Victoria that is safe for consumption.

The lack of a robust water system for Victoria’s water supply, combined with the inadequate testing and certification of water supplies, leaves consumers vulnerable to waterborne diseases, including waterborne illness, which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the past few decades.”

“The most recent water quality study from UNSW found the Yarra River was ranked as the third most toxic water source in Victoria,” Dr McNeill said.

“The Yarra has been declared as the most polluted river in Australia.”

The Yarra is located about 120km south of Melbourne and has been the site of heavy flooding and damage caused by heavy rainfall in recent years.

The Yarras water quality index (WQI) is a measure of the quality of the water being carried by the Yarras, which is measured by measuring the volume of dissolved oxygen in the water.

The WQI is a standard indicator for drinking water in Australia and was developed to help determine how safe drinking water was to drink.

The water quality results are used by water authorities across Australia to help assess water quality standards.

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