Water Tap Water Bottles: How to save on water and water-related bills

Water taps are no longer the only source of water for most people, but they are the most common.In fact, about one in four people has one.Here are 10 ways to save water and more importantly, save on bills.1.Use an electric water filter1.Find out the difference between electric and natural water2.Know the difference in efficiency […] →Read more

Which tap water is the best?

Water is one of the most basic ingredients in any dish and one of our favourite things to eat.But can it be a good source of safe drinking water?Tap water is safe to drink, but is it safe to cook with?This article looks at tap water quality, the ingredients that make up tap water, and […] →Read more

How to prevent water from running out in your house

The most important thing is to keep water circulating and tap water flowing, according to a new report.The report, released Wednesday, warns that while many people are making improvements to their water systems, they can do so only if they are careful.The new study says that about 2 million households have water that is out […] →Read more

What happens to water when you tap a water tap?

The water supply in a home may seem like a safe haven, but water treatment is a crucial step in protecting the health of your family and yourself.If your tap is faulty, the water may leach out of the pipes, causing serious problems.So is it worth tapping a water source for safe drinking?We’ve compiled a […] →Read more

The new water tap manufacturers have been waiting for you

By Steve Gaskin / Washington Post Staff WriterWASHINGTON — The tap water that millions of Americans use every day is being replaced with something that is even more dangerous.In the coming weeks, more than 1,000 different water products and equipment will be removed from the market and replaced with tap water with a water resistant […] →Read more

How to make a tap water safer

You might have noticed the tap water in your home has a strange taste.You might even have wondered how a chemical known as hexavalent chromium can make the water taste bad.You’ll want to learn more.Hexavalent Chromium, also known as CCl4, is a chemical compound that’s been used in modern chemistry to help protect chemicals from […] →Read more

How to use the Flexible Water Tap

The Cleveland Browns have made it easy to get more out of their tap water.The team announced on Tuesday that fans can use their taps to charge smartphones, computers and more for $7.99 per month.The $7-per-month plan will come as a welcome change for Cleveland fans.Many have complained that the team doesn’t offer enough power […] →Read more

How to get rid of water-spewing bugs in your home

You’re probably using an electric water pump to clean your home.But if you’re not, you may be in for a surprise.Here’s how to get the water out.1.Get rid of the pump’s electric motor.The pump is your source of water and is often used to collect water from a pool or other source, such as your […] →Read more

Why my tap water tastes so awful.

My tap water was never bad and it is now, but it’s never been this bad, says a reader.[Editor’s note: This post contains NSFW language.]This is an article about tap water.It’s not about water pollution. →Read more

Which water taps should you use when it rains?

Perth, WA (24 June 2016) A Perth water supply has announced it will install water taps on all its taps to protect the city from the effects of heavy rain.Water Services Association of WA (WSAWA) president Tim O’Connor said in a statement: “The WA Government is committed to working with the public and businesses to […] →Read more